Columbus P-7 Pro


HD GNSS receiver for highest position accuracy

By using the L1 and L5 frequencies, two different satellite signals can be received simultaneously, analyzed and ionospherically caused artefacts can be corrected immediately. This makes it possible to achieve position accuracies in the sub-meter range.

The Columbus P-7 Pro offers innovative connectivity options for highest flexibility. For example, while a USB connection is established, the P-7 Pro can be paired with another terminal device via Bluetooth. The dual Bluetooth module also allows two different end devices to connect to the GNSS receiver. Both devices receive live GNSS position data for data collecting or navigation, for example.

The Columbus P-7 Pro GNSS receiver is made of the main unit and an external active dual-frequency antenna. By using an external antenna, the position accuracy of mobile devices can be significantly increased. Mobile devices usually have poorly directed antennas due to their design. If the receiving antennas are too small or incorrectly directed, only insufficient positioning accuracy is achieved in most cases. With the Columbus P-7 Pro, for example, the external receiving antenna can be quickly and easily attached to all magnetic surfaces using an integrated magnet. This means that the receiving antenna can always be optimally positioned and the position accuracy can be increased to up to 0.5 meters. The position is updated 5 times per second - 5Hz.


Some features in overview

  • HD GNSS receiver
  • Reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS & IRNSS satellite signals
  • Simultaneous reception of multiple satellite constellations on L1 & L5 frequency bands
  • Update rates: 1Hz, 5Hz
  • High position accuracies down to less than 1 meter can be achieved
  • Dual Bluetooth interface for wireless BLE 5.1 & SPP 2.1 connections
  • USB interface for device use as a wired GNSS receiver
  • USB interface creates two serial COM ports for simultaneous data access from two different applications
  • Cross-platform compatibility - Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android & iPadOS
  • Apps for Android operating systems available in Google Play App Store
  • Apps for iOS & iPadOS operating systems available in the Apple App Store
  • Magnetic external antenna for easy alignment & mounting
  • External antenna with IP66 protection standard for outdoor use


Package content

  • Columbus P-7 Pro HD GNSS receiver
  • External active antenna with 3 meter cable


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